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More specifically, I'm reading on Wilbert Rideau who transformed the way prisoners were able to dish out prison articles into the prison paper. Basically the guy was a death row inmate and wordsmith. Still alive today for educating himself.

Doge — 2021


The best cryptocurrency in 2021 (presently June 24, 2021), is Dogecoin with its $30 billion market capitalization, steadfast community, and rising leadership, the doge is one to take a second look at. let’s dive deeper, to uncover why this is my choice for 2021.

Why — Doge

Listed are the most popular penny crypto currencies listed by market capitalization and social consensus

websites used to gather the following data are and

  • Dogecoin (Doge)

I hold doge and I am surprised to see this one first on the list but there it is. This was found…

Penny crypto currencies


Screening for penny crypto coins to buy, is a big task as you already may know but, thats why I searched out some tools that are highly effective in get this very task done.

The following list was created by looking not only at Market…

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