Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Joshua Franklin
4 min readJun 24, 2021

Doge — 2021


The best cryptocurrency in 2021 (presently June 24, 2021), is Dogecoin with its $30 billion market capitalization, steadfast community, and rising leadership, the doge is one to take a second look at. let’s dive deeper, to uncover why this is my choice for 2021.

Why — Doge

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The reason Dogecoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 is that it is one of the only coins besides Bitcoin and Ethereum that has continually and consistently caught the eye and adoption of millions of people since 2013, the year it was created [I talk about this more below]

Also, we saw and we see that it is making waves (no pun intended:) with helping investors make, move, and give a lot of money.

We all know that if you can help people make money and turn nothing into something the value created will return dividends in the future. And that is what dogecoin and its community has done and are doing.

It’s strengthened the pockets of investors and those investors are remaining loyal to the cause (i.e. strength in numbers).

Creators — 2013

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Two dudes, with cool professional backgrounds and the skills to make shit happen.

Dude 1 — otherwise known as Billy Markus worked for IBM as a software engineer

Dude 2 — otherwise known as Jackson Palmer worked for Adobe as a software engineer

They set out to build something better than bitcoin in that it can reach more people than its big brother Bitcoin, while of course maintaining its peer-to-peer attribute (relating to computer networks in which each computer can act as a server for the others, allowing shared access to files and peripherals without the need for a central server.)

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